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"The  magnificence  of  the  visionary  lies  in  the  refusal  to  be  restricted  by  the  known  universe."

I am a passionate entrepreneur and philanthropist, often described as discoverer and connector of business potential, Business Angelina, or Start-up-Grande-Dame. I believe that making a positive difference is a fundamental human right.


I am dedicated to unleashing and connecting the untapped entrepreneurial potential

of millions of creative and innovative future-makers worldwide.



With over 1.000 times on stage, more than 5 millions people reached, and based on my twenty-five years of professional experience in new business development, creative industries, strategic marketing, and worldwide networking, I travel and speak as to inspire you to live your potential and have the business life you deserve.


In 2005 I founded Brainswork, the influential consulting boutique, to support unique visionaries to cross conventional borders, and to connect people, ideas and companies to pave new ways. I invested in the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Austria and Europe while over 1000 startups, companies, and investors profited from my expertise and my international network.


With fantastic partners, I launched a dozen brands and initiated IncrediblEurope 2049, the Austrian Angel Investors Association, and 1MillionStartups.


With #1millionstartups  we want to encourage 1 million individuals across the world to become successful entrepreneurs.


I am very honored that for my innovative approach to business and commitment to entrepreneurship and social change, I received numerous awards such as “WOMAN Award” in 2006, “MiA 2010” in the category Business, "100 World of Difference Award" by The International Alliance for Women in Washington, "Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award 2014" and "Best Pioneering Investment Initiative 2015" awarded by the European Business Angel Network.


In 2009 I published the "BrainsBook on Networking" a common project by the worldwide internet community, written by 40 authors from 15 countries. The second book published in 2013 "Between Steel & Chocolate - inspiring success stories from Austria" (Zwischen Stahl und Schokolade - inspirierende Erfolgsgeschichten aus Österreich) is a journey through the entrepreneurial spirit and some of the most inspiring success stories from Austria.

I am happily married to my first love and proud mom of two young adults.

8 reasons why am I a professional speaker:


1.  It allows me to meet incredible people like yourself;

2. Others can profit from my many years of professional and life experience,

    making mistakes, overcoming crisis and celebrating successes;

3.  I love to see the immediate transformation when "change" is triggered;

4.  The direct communication with the audience and the immediate reactions are

     always a fantastic challenge;

5.  I learn something new each time;

6.  Receiving hundreds of positive feedbacks is very rewarding;

7.  Every day I realize how small I am, me - a single person, and yet I can make a

     positive difference for millions;

8.  Together we co-create a better future!

To find out more about my work and passion:


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