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"Making a positive difference is a fundamental human right"

All my keynotes and sessions are inspirational, somewhat personal, very hands-on, and aiming to make a positive difference - making your business more successful!


- INSPIRATIONAL KEYNOTE: once in a lifetime inspirational 20-40 minutes (plus 10-20 minutes Q&A). Ideal to start a conference or corporate event, for your gala dinner or evening networking event. Provide an unforgettable experience to your audience! 


- BRAINSWORKING SESSION: very unique 3 hours combining a lecture and an intensive interactive session with the participants. Ideal for smaller groups and aiming for a deeper understanding of a specific subject such as corporate innovation or entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship) and triggering new ideas and behaviour.


As a result of over 25 years of expertise and hands-on experience in new business development and startup growth, my main topics are: 

1) the ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET and the entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial "way" of individuals, startups, business angels, NGOs, corporates, or even countries; 

2) the relevance and implementation of STRATEGIC NETWORKING in our inter-connected world. 


Rely on my over 1.000 times on stage and contact me now!

"Reach for the skies! Pioneering approaches for successful business."

"Strategic Networking, Brainsworking und Beyond "

"From Startup to Business Angel"

"Like a phoenix from the ashes - fail to succeed!"

"Be incredible! Be you!"

"The One, the We, and the Difference we can make"

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