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I am passionate about empowering people and creating a better future. 

We are facing a million problems,

but entrepreneurs are creating the solutions to the grand challenges of our time. 

My goal is to inspire, empower, educate, fund one million entrepreneurs who, together, 

will make a positive difference in the lives of a billion people.

TOGETHER we can create the WORLD we DREAM of. 


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Who Are We

TEDx Speaker with a bold 21st century approach: Invest Like a Girl

Our world is changing, and modern investment approaches are necessary.

Selma tackles the existing prejudices, gender biases, and investment concepts to reshape the startup world toward a more sustainable future. In this game-changing talk, she shed light on the gender gap in startup investing, its consequences, and what we can do to close it. Her passionate journey takes us into a future that everyone, regardless of gender, can benefit from.

"Startup-Grande-Dame" Selma Prodanovic

Named Startup-Grande-Dame by the media, Selma is a passionate entrepreneur and globally celebrated inspiring keynote speaker who loves sharing her abundant professional experience and exciting personal story with audiences worldwide.

She considerably shaped the startup and angel investing ecosystem in Europe. She was elected "TOP 100: Europe's most influential women in the startup & VC space" in 2022, while media in over 40 countries (Forbes, Financial Times, Elle, ORF, Aljazeera) covered her expertise and activities. She proudly serves as Vice-President of the European Business Angel Network (EBAN). She is the founder & Board Member of the Austrian Angel Investors Association (aaia) and the global SDG platform 1MillionStartups, while she launched a dozen successful brands with her boutique consultancy Brainswork.

Besides her passion for entrepreneurship, she is a fervent advocate for female empowerment and mental fitness. For her innovative approach to business and commitment to entrepreneurship and social change, she received numerous awards such as the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award and EBAN Best Pioneering Investment Initiative.

Above all, Selma is happily married to her first love and the proud mother of two fantastic young adults.

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